Help Topics


Creating a brand page

As soon as you register and create your supplier account you will be prompted to create a brand page. You can also add a new brand anytime from the brands page on your dashboard.

The on-page prompts on the add new brand page will guide you through the specific information required.

While not all fields are compulsory, please populate as much information as possible. When a buyer discovers a products they are potentially interested in, they are keen to find out as much as possible about the brand. The more information you provide, the more the buyer has to work with.

If you are a distributor, please complete the brand page with the brand owners details rather than your own.


Key things to include on your brand page

Your brand information is a key selling tool for you; please complete as much information as possible, to give potential buyers a feel for your brand and products.

Videos and images are especially useful in giving buyers a feel for your brand, so please add these where you can.


Can I have more than one brand?

Please feel free to add as many brands as you like. 

You can add additional brands at any time from the brands page on your dashboard.

Managing your brand page (delating, updating, merging etc)

You can manage your brands at anytime from your brand page, which is accessible from the menu on the left hand side of your dashboard.

The brands page shows all brands you have listed on the platform, as well as overview statistics. You can edit your brand information directly from the listings, or remove the brand if you chose.


How does a buyer see my brand page?

You can see a preview of your brands page, exactly as the buyers see it, by clicking on the link on your brands home page.