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What is Retail Ready?

Retail Ready is our optional verification service. It verifies your key commercial and business information is in place, as well as verifying you have the relevant insurances and verifying any certifications you have, giving retailers confidence that you are ready to do business.

The information being verified is driven by our major retail partners. Having Retail Ready verification ensures that have the best chance of having your products seen and selected by the retailers using the site.

Using Retail Ready is simple. Our dedicated Retail Ready page guides you through the information that is required to be filled in.  The majority of information we need can be drawn from the product information you will have already supplied, but the page prompts will guide you through anything additional that is needed.

Proof of insurance and any other certifications is prompted by the dedicated fields on the page, where you can quickly and easily upload the documents required.

Once you have submitted all information needed it will be reviewed by our team, and once everything in place your products will be marked as Retail Ready.     


What are the benefits of Retail Ready?

Retail Ready provides confidence to retailers that you are a professionally established supplier with all the commercial covers and product information in place to allow them to easily on-board you if they choose to list your products.


Retail Ready also gives you piece of mind that you have provided all the necessary, relevant information to make the best impression with key retailers and maximise your presence on the platform.


What are the costs of Retail Ready?

The costs of Retail Ready can be found here


Why do I need to pay for Retail Ready up front?

All of the work we do in verifying your products as Retail Ready is completed up front, so this product is chargeable in advance.


What if I add further products during the year?

If you add further products during the course of the year you can add these products for verification at any time during your subscription, by going to the Retail Ready management page, ensuring all details needed are populated and submitting for review.


If your total number of products remains in the price band you have already paid there will be no further charge for the additional products.


If the addition of the new products takes you into the next price band you will be charged the difference between your current subscription and the new subscription, if you are in the first six months of your plan. If you in the second 6 months, the additional amount will be discounted by 50%.


What to do once insurance or certifications expire during the year

You should upload new insurance or certification certificates as soon as possible though the Retail Ready management page.