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How it works

Product Guru is a product discovery platform; allowing suppliers to upload details of their products for review by retail buyers using the platform.

All products are grouped by category, ensuring that you can easily focus on the products of interest to you. And our powerful filtering tools allow you to hone in on products that meet your exact criteria.

Full details of how the platform functions can be found in the detailed articles below.


Suppliers on Product Guru

On Product Guru you will find suppliers and products across all major categories. Suppliers using the platform are based both in the UK and overseas.


Cost of using Product Guru

Product Guru is completely free to retailers and buyers.

There are no charges for any parts of the service, and you will not need to enter credit card details.


Why do I need to go through verification?

Product Guru is open available to professional retail buyers, working for identifiable retailers.


Due to the commercially sensitive information shared on the site by product suppliers, we ensure that only verified buyers can access the buyer area of the site.


I've applied for a buyer account, but haven't heard back?

Sorry about that. It can take up to 3 working days to verify your account manually. If you haven’t heard after 3 days please contact us and we will assist you in accessing the platform. During office hours try our live chat option for the fastest response.



What is Retail Ready?

Retail Ready is our supplier verification product.


We understand that sometimes it is important to be able to hone in on suppliers who are established, have key commercial covers in place and have all the key product information in place that you require to properly consider their products.


Before a supplier and it’s products are badged as Retail Ready we make the following checks:

  • Where the supplier has advised they have certifications we check their paperwork to ensure it is in order.
  • We ensure that the supplier has product liability insurance in place, ensuring we have sight of their certificate of insurance.
  • We ensure that the supplier has populated all key commercial information for their products, such as costs, dimensions, barcode details, case details and availability.


Retail Ready gives you confidence that you are dealing with a professional supplier, with products that will be easy to on-board in the event of a listing.


How can Retail Ready assist me as a buyer?

Retail Ready gives you confidence that you are dealing with a professional supplier, with products that will be easy to on-board in the event of a listing.


Relying on Retail Ready

Retail Ready gives you confidence that you are dealing with a supplier who understands what is required by major retailers, and is set up in a professional manner.


Product Guru doesn’t verify the accuracy of the information, and is purely to be used as a guide.



What are the functions on my dashboard


Browse products page - How to discover products

The browse product page is set up to allow you to discover products as easily as possible. There are a few key areas to be aware of:

Categories: This is where you can set the categories you are searching for products. It will automatically select your preferred categories, but you can adjust this selection at anytime.

You will see the categories selected in the boxes at the top of the page above the search results. Remove categories by clicking on the ‘x’ next to the category name.

To add new categories select the categories option at the top of the page; navigate to your desired category or categories and select using the tick boxes.


Filter Products: You can filter products for certain characteristics by selecting the filter option at the top of the page, and then selecting the filter tab you require and setting the filter you need.

Filters can be removed at any time, be clicking on the ‘x’ in the filter box that will appear at the top of the page above the search results.


List or Grid View: By clicking on this option you can toggle between a summary view of


Saving your search criteria: You can save a search criteria at any time by using the ‘save’ option at the top of the page next to the selected categories and filters. This will save this combination of categories and filters to save you from having to start from scratch again.


You can retrieve these search settings at anytime from XXXXXXX 


How to contact  suppliers

You can contact any suppliers securely using the messaging tool on your dashboard, or by clicking on the ‘message supplier’ button on any product or brand page.


Using our messaging system allows you to communicate with the supplier without divulging your direct external contact details until you choose to.  


Once you have contacted a supplier they are able to communicate with you via the messaging system. Suppliers can’t initiate contacts.


How to save products for later

If you are interested in a product you can use the ‘shortlist item’ button on every product page to save the product.


You can save the products in a number of locations:

  • Category review list: Everytime you add a category or range review a list is created for that ranging, allowing you to quickly group products.
  • Default shortlist.
  • Create your own lists: Clicking the manage lists button will allow you to add further lists as you choose. You can also do this from the shortlisted items page.


You can add products to as many lists as you like.


How categories work

Product Guru is based around categories, to ensure you can find products that are relevant to you as quickly as possible.


Our ‘category tree’ groups categories in a way that should ensure you can quickly find what you are looking for. Depending on where you are on the site, you will be able to pick categories either by browsing through the tree or by typing your category name to be provided with category options.


You can change your main category preferences at any time, or you can temporarily search new categories at any time on the browse products page.


If you need any assistance at all with finding or selecting categories, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for assistance.


How to filter and refine searches

You can filter your search results using the filter products dropdown at the top of the browse products page.


Simply add the filters you require, hit ‘Done’ at the bottom of the options and these will be applied to your search results. You can adjust or amend these at any time by returning to the filter menu, or you can remove the filter completely by clicking on the ‘x’ on the filter box that appears at the top of the search results.


You can save category and filter settings at any time, to make it easy to return to your search later. Details of how to do this are found here.



Advice: Cost information & RRPs

Cost information and RRPs are provided by suppliers purely as a guide, and there is no expectation, understanding or agreement that these will be followed.


Suppliers are encouraged to populate the unit cost data with their list unit cost. They will also indicate whether discounts and available depending on volume, and they can provide notes on their cost pricing to explain this further.


We suggest bearing this in mind while filtering for cost ranges. To assist with this, where the supplier has indicated volume discounts are available, we will include unit prices in your search up to 20% higher than the band you have set, to ensure that you have visibility of all relevant products. If you would prefer to only search for the exact range you have set, just untick the selection box below the unit price filter.


I've found a product I like; how do I see what other products the supplier has?

On the product page you will see a ‘view brand’ button. This will take you to the brand page, where you can see all products in that brand.