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    Retail Ready lets buyers know you are ready to do business

    Our optional verification program gives retailers confidence you are ready to trade with them. Today.

  • Retail Ready is our optional verification program

    If you chose to join our Retail Ready program we will verify that you have provided all information that is critical to our key retail partners, as well as verifying key business information such as insurance cover and certifications, giving potential retail partners comfort that on-boarding your company and products will be quick and painless and that you are ready to do business with them today.

    All verified products show our Retail Ready badge, ensuring buyers know your products have been verified.

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  • 5 times more likely to get views and interest

    In light of the fact that Retail Ready products are fully verified and vetted for the retailers, these products appear first in category listings, giving you more chance of catching retailers attention.


  • Peace of mind, you’re good to go

    Our extensive checks are based on the requirements of our major retail partners. Meeting Retail Ready standards gives you the peace of mind that you have everything in place to give your products and brands the best possible chance of selection by retailers.


  • It’s quick and easy to be Retail Ready

    Our detailed Retail Ready screens will guide you through the process, to ensure that you can quickly and efficiently give us the information needed to verify your products. Much of the information need is automatically pulled from the product details you have already submitted, so there is no additional workload for you Our friendly team can advise and assist with anything you are not sure about.


Retail Ready Pricing. It pays to be Premium.

The cost of becoming Retail Ready certified varies depending on the number of products we are reviewing. And it doesn’t matter if the products are across a number of brands.

Any further questions? Check out our Retail Ready FAQ’s, or contact a member of our team.


Retail Ready Costs

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save 25%

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0-5 Products
6-10 Products
11-20 Products
21-30 Products
31-40 Products
41 + products
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