The story behind Product Guru...

I have spent years selling to high street retailers and the UK grocery market and I am painfully aware of the challenge (for both buyers and suppliers) in getting the right products in the right hands at the right time.

I ran several food and drink businesses  for over two decades, and despite successfully selling to many of the bigger UK retailers, it took a lot of hard work to get my products in front of retail buyers - even the ones I had already established a business relationship with.

Retail buyers are inundated with product samples and information, and with no meaningful process in place to review these options, opportunities were being missed for both parties.

Although there has been a significant change of pace in the technology used within the retail sector, the process of finding the products that drive the market has really remained at a stand-still. With more and more small, specialist suppliers driving innovation in the sector, it has been harder than ever for buyers to be able to consider all options.

Product Guru has been shaped by these personal experiences and frustrations.

Product Guru represents a real game-changer in the market as it is significantly different to anything else that’s currently available. Our ambition is nothing short of revolutionising the product discovery in retail.

Simon Coyle

Founder & CEO